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yours truly

A nursing student with way too much time on her hands. The owner of a dog that flunked out of obedience school. Three times. She spends her time escaping the responsibilities of adulthood by playing in the park and trying to swing over the top bar. She likes goofing off with friends and going on roadtrips. She has an overactive imagination that will probably be her downfall. She's probably best described as a few fries short of a Happy Meal. :)
my work

I have started moving into writing HP fanfic from just reading it, and most of it will be likely posted on the Restricted Section or at Ashwinder since 95% of it isn't worksafe, to say the least. I could write more appropriate things, but that's really boring, and I'd probably fall asleep, drooling on my keyboard. Besides, where else can I make my delusional HP ideas come to life? :P
My other general quirky habits include arm wrestling with my dog, "crucio-ing" people with chopsticks (ones that piss me off, anyways :P), drinking too much diet coke, and reading webcomics. My personal favourites include Cynaide & Happiness and Questionable Content. Go check 'em out, and feel free to friend me. I like meeting new people that are just as weird as I am.
favourite things
a tree grows in brooklyn ~ taylor swift ~ gossip girl ~ harry potter! ~ twilight ~ vampires ~ rascal flatts ~ 80's music ~ country ~ faber drive ~ icons ~ jane eyre ~ madame bovary ~ garfield ~ diet pepsi ~ roses ~ summer ~ sunshine ~ thunderstorms ~ singing in the car ~ website design ~ madonna ~ rocky horror ~ sound of music ~ collecting books
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